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At Namo Bioplants, service is the backbone of building customer relations over the years. The company does more than supply plants and products. It works with customers at every stage of the process to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Providing growers with the best experts and best knowledge is the driving force of our customer service which is carried out through the following channels:

  • End-to-end solutions from pre-cultivation to post-harvest
  • Field visits of leading experts
  • Circulation of dossiers and manuals for updated information on products & cultivation practices
  • 24-hour, round-the clock helpline for any emergencies relating to pests and diseases.


What we do

Our Services

Corporate Farming

We provide the farmers with agricultural support and commodity aid in order to help them generate a better harvest on a bigger scale. We promote precise corporate farming of our tissue culture plants with explicit guidelines and standard policies.

Farmer Consultancy Unit

Our highly professional team of subject matter specialist of agriculture and allied disciplines offer a complete set of consultation regarding post purchase management, plantation, agronomy, nutrient management, pest management, pre harvesting and post harvesting.

Plant Health Clinic

It is vital in agriculture to have a constant attention against every possible disease epidemic in order to breed a healthy crop to ensure maximum yield. Our diagnosis is often coordinated by the advisory services through an integrated approach of Phyto-Pathologist, Entomologist, Soil Scientist and Physiologist.

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