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Being a socially responsible company, our facility is today based in a tribal zone and rural area where there are not many opportunities for employment for men and absolutely zero opportunities for women. By setting up our unit in such a region, we are glad that we are able to uplift an extremely backward section of the Indian population and do a greater service to the community.

We are working and empowering people who are at the grass root levels and this, we believe, is our greatest strength as well as our greatest achievement. Today the company is a source of livelihood for more than 100 families. 90% of our employees today are also women, forming the backbone of our organization

Namo Bioplants sponsors and organizes free health check-up camps on a quarterly basis, which are open for all. The company also conducts various seminars on nutrition and self-hygiene for women in an effort to improve their overall standard of living. Besides, the organization also takes great interest in grooming young talent by frequently hosting students from various schools and colleges across the nation and giving them valuable information on tissue culture and vegetative propagation.


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