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Media preparation and Bottle washing Incharge

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Planning & Strategizing
  • Follow the media preparation scheduled day to day as per Production
    Head instructions.
  • Managements of man power/operators.
  • Maintain the all media preparation records. Like no. of autoclaves
    cycle, contamination etc.
  • Maintain the washing area properly.
  • Complete the daily records as for required to DBT in undergoing field.
  • Proper documentation of Research experiments results as per standard Quality formats
  • Documenting and reporting production results to Production Head.
  • Implementation of new protocols, methods and recent techniques for more efficient results.
  • Maintenance of day to day lab activities
  • Inform Availability & maintenance of resources for general lab activities to production Head.
  • Keeping all Laboratory standards/Records up to date as per DBT formats
  • Literature review for new technologies which could speed up the routine production

Skills and Qualifications

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